Mid Valley Hardwood LLC
Battle Ground, Washington

How much do we charge?

It sounds like and easy question, but there is a lot to factor into any Hardwood floor or Laminate floor project. As much as we would love to give you a cookie cutter price like you see posted all over other websites, we simple cannot. It would be unfair to you as a consumer not to have the entire process explained first. Note some of the following can be done by the homeowner or builder, this can reduce time and costs.

1.) We start off by asking what species, grade and width you are considering for your floor. Hardwood flooring comes in several grades widths and cuts and all these will factor into the cost. This is ever changing day to day much like the stock market. If you have not done any research and are unsure what you think will go best in your home we will be happy to show you, samples of various hardwood spices.

2.) After selecting the type of wood you like we will next need to measure to find out how much material we need to construct your new floor. All flooring projects have a certain amount of waste during the installation process, which is why we allow for 10% waste. If we did not allow for this waste we may come up short on material needed to complete the project.

3.) Wile measuring for material we also take this time to see if the project requires any extra preparation such as carpet removal, molding removal, sub floor repairs, door jamb adjustments, crawl spaces, furniture removal, appliance removal, underlayment additions or removal, and floor vents

4.) Next we will discuss the layout in which you wish to have your floor installed. Most Hardwood floors we install tend to be in traditional fashion (what you see in most homes today) as it requires the least amount of labor and is much less expensive for you. If you wish to have something special such as an inlay boarder, herringbone or something of the like the costs will be greater as there is much more labor involved.

5.) Finishes/Sealers there are few types you can choose from such as oil and water base. All carry a different price tag and will affect the over all price of the job. This is important to think about as we do not use cheap finishes or sealers on our work.

Both large and small projects require the same process above. This often makes smaller jobs just as labor intensive and sometimes as costly as the larger ones.

The above applies to sand on site Hardwood, we do use some of the steps wile making bids on Laminate, Prefinished Hardwood and other services we offer. As you can see its not as simple as giving you a cookie cutter price there is a lot involved wile making a bid on any flooring project. Despite all this we are vary competitive on our labor prices. We hope this information has been helpful whether you choose to hire us or not on your project.